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Presentation and Discussion of the Results-Based Financing for Health Glossary
Ever wondered what all the RBF acronyms mean?
How they are different from each other?
Which is best used in which setting?
Philip Musgrove presented his paper and helped the audience decipher the alphabet soup of RBF programs. Panelists shared their thoughts and experiences with the different types of RBF programs and discussed different opinions with the audience.

RBF Glossary presentation welcome and introduction on Vimeo.


RBF Glossary presentation by Phil Musgrove on Vimeo.


RBF Glossary panelists share their views on Vimeo.


RBF Glossary Q&A from RBF Health on Vimeo.

Author and Presenter

Philip Musgrove, Health Affairs


Juan Pablo Uribe, The World Bank


Benjamin Loevinsohn, The World Bank

Amanda Glassman, Inter-American Development Bank

Yogita Mumssen, Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid


RBF Glossary - long version
RBF Glossary - short version