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A library of articles, presentations, publications, tools and videos related to RBF approaches for reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health. This section also includes country examples and lessons learned from RBF projects around the world.

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Impact Evaluation of the Kyrgyz Republic Quality of Care PBF Pilot Program: Overview and Summary Findings

This PowerPoint highlights some of the results from the recently completed randomized impact evaluation of the PBF pilot implemented at maternity hospitals in the Kyrgyz Republic.
Download 924.27 KB Published in March 2020

Quality of care for children with severe disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Analysis of quality of care for children with severe diseases living in the DRC.
Download 1.21 MB Published in December 2019

Is ‘Health for All’ synonymous with ‘antibiotics for all’: changes in antibiotic prescribing in a performance-based financing pilot in Zanzibar

Findings from the evaluation of a performance-based financing pilot in Zanzibat
Download 369.96 KB Published in September 2019