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A library of articles, presentations, publications, tools and videos related to RBF approaches for reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health. This section also includes country examples and lessons learned from RBF projects around the world.

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Methods to improve quality performance at scale in lower- and middle-income countries

This article describes four approaches to improve quality of health services at scale in PBF programs.
Published in December 2018
Case Study

Kyrgyz Republic: Using MamaNatalie and NeoNatalie Anatomical Models to Improve Knowledge and Skills among Maternal and Neonatal Health Workers

This Knowledge Brief focuses on describing how simulation-based training was used to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and clinical skills/experience to improve the quality of maternal and neonatal care in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Kyrgyz Republic: Using MamaNatalie and NeoNatalie
    Download392.71 KB
  • République kirghize: Utilisation des Modèles Anatomiques MamaNatalie et NeoNatalie
    Download443.62 KB
Published in March 2020