Ellen Van De Poel recently joined the Global Financing Facility Secretariat. In this TEDx talk, she makes the case for increased scrutiny of incentives in healthcare. Every day almost 17,000 women and children die worldwide. We need health systems which can get simple drugs and vaccines to those who need them.

The way we organize healthcare, and particularly how we pay clinicians is crucial, and these issues need to be discussed more prominently as part of the policy-making process. Often clinicians are incentivized to behave in certain ways which do not promote the most cost-effective care. For example in India some clinicians are paid based on prescriptions, so for simple diarrhea they prescribe drugs when simple oral rehydration solution would be more effective. These types of incentives are built in to health systems everywhere, but are not sufficiently analyzed or discussed. We should make a priority of changing this dynamic and incentivizing clinicians to deliver appropriate, cost-effective care.

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Author/s: Ellen van de Poel
Countries: Global
Date of Publication: February 2017

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