This study in Cameroon examines how Performance-Based Financing (PBF), as a contracting approach, can reinforce private-public partnerships, enhance public health goals, and contribute to the goal of Universal Health Coverage.

The research compares data from private–for-profit, faith-based and public health facilities contracted under PBF. It also looks at such indicators as the package of health services provided; the quality of services; and number of referral patients.

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____________________________________________________________________________________________________This publication is the result of a capitalization process that took place in Cameroon in 2014/2015. The aim of capitalization is to surface and generate lessons learned from implementing PBF that can be used by other to learn about new or promising practices or to influence policies on the basis of real-life experiences. The process was facilitated by Jurien Toonen and Christel Jansen from KIT Health

  • Performance-Based Financing Strengthens Public-Private Partnerships in the Health Sector
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Author/s: Taptue Fotso J. C; Nji V. and Bangue B.
Countries: Cameroon
Date of Publication: August 2015

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