In 2009, the Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon, working in partnership with the World Bank, funded the Cameroon Health Sector Support Investment Project. The five-year US$25 million initiative was designed to support the provision of key maternal and child health services through performance-based financing.

In 2014, additional financing of US$40 million through the Health Results Innovation Trust Fund was allocated to support the introduction of PBF in the three northern regions of the country, which have the nation's poorest health outcomes.

Since its introduction, PBF has been improving the availability, accessibility and quality of health services in Cameroon.

This video takes a closer look at the PBF pilot in the South-West region, which prior to the introduction of PBF in 2012, struggled to provide the community with basic health services.

Beneficiaries, health practitioners and officials in the Cameroon Ministry of Health, including Minister of Public Health of Cameroon, André Mama Fouda, also share their perspectives on the impact of PBF.

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Countries: Cameroon
Date of Publication: February 2015

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