This report outlines a roadmap for the Global Fund and its partners to systematically implement and evaluate the value for money agenda throughout their grant cycle, and lead the way for others with this new funding model. By applying modest changes to its grant-making process, the Global Fund could save hundreds of millions of dollars that could then be reprogrammed to save even more lives. Achieving more health for the money is the core business of all global health funders. But the Global Fund is particularly well positioned to lead, and its new funding model offers an opportunity for quick and flexible adoption of “value for money” principles and practices.

A report titled More Health for the Money

This report identifies four domains within the Global Fund’s grant cycle where value for money can be improved: allocation, contracts, costs and spending, and performance verification. Decisions in each domain affect the availability and quality of services provided to people at risk of or suffering from disease, and ultimately the Global Fund’s ability to reduce suffering and save lives.

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Author/s: Center for Global Development Working Group on Value for Money in Global Health
Date of Publication: October 2013

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