Management committees of health facilities (i.e. CoGes in French) are a key way in which the community surrounding the health facility can be involved in the running of the facility, and therefore a vehicle for the voice of the community. The authors argue that the members of the management committees in Burkina Faso have been excluded from the PBF scheme, not benefitting from training nor from financial incentives like the rest of the staff of the health facility. They believe this is a necessary step to fully capture the power of PBF to improve service delivery.

  • Management Committee Involvement in Results-Based Financing and Improvement in Health Facility Attendance
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  • Implication des Coges dans la Mise en Œuvre du FBR pour une Amélioration de la Fréquentation des Fosa
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Author/s: KOUMBEM M., SERE R.
Countries: Burkina Faso
Date of Publication: March 2017

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