The early phases of the HRITF Learning Strategy were concerned with initiating evaluations (including producing tools that would aid in developing evaluations) and learning from the early experiences of implementing RBF programs across its vast portfolio. To support that effort, the HRITF has developed multiple toolkits which have been used by thousands. A rich array of learning has been generated from implementation, particularly through in-country studies and cross-country analyses and topical learning.

From the outset, HRITF teams have undertaken extensive consultations at the country level to secure buy-in and ensure that the design of each impact evaluation considers the country context, policy-maker needs, stakeholder interests and evidence gaps. The HRITF has now initiated all RBF interventions and evaluations.

The present iteration of the HRITF Learning Strategy sets out the blueprint for taking advantage of the maturing evaluation and RBF portfolio. Going forward, the HRITF will continue to support country learning and country evaluations. Furthermore, it will endeavor to leverage opportunities to aggregate knowledge across its uniquely large portfolio to gain rare generalizable insights. Concurrently, it will continue to disseminate lessons from country evaluations, topical learning, and broader evaluations.

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