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A young boy points to the letter F, with his teacher's help in a classroom in rural Nepal. Photo: © Aisha Faquir/World Bank

The three sectors of Human Development came together in November 2016 to exchange experiences on Results Based Financing; identify the key lessons learned in each sector; and discuss to what extent those lessons apply cross-sectorally.

There are many similarities and portable lessons regarding linking service provision to demand; guaranteeing the quality of services; and process related issues such as identifying indicators and verification. At the same time, delivering and obtaining services is different in schools and clinics, particularly in that the results chain and protocols are often (although certainly not always) clearer in health than in education where additional internal and external factors influence how much and what children learn in schools.

This note includes the primary conclusions of expert round tables that focused on the following key areas:

  • System-wide lens
  • Indicators
  • Incentives
  • Demand-side incentives
  • Sustainability
  • Verification
  • How Are Schools Like Clinics? Conclussions
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