Performance-Based Financing is thoroughly embedded in the Rwandan Health System. It is practiced in health centers and district hospitals nationwide using common approaches. Ministry of Health Performance-Based Financing has started at the central ministerial level. Performance-Based Financing systems are being designed for the national Community Based Health Insurance system, and for the CDLS. A national model for Community Performance-Based Financing has been developed, using a broad consultative process. The model is based on experience gained during the implementation of the health center and hospital Performance-Based Financing models, and benefits from a close fit with these models.

The purpose of this Community Performance-Based Financing (PBF) Guide is to document the tools and processes used in Community PBF. This guide is primarily meant as a background document for trainers, sector PBF Steering Committee members, and the Community Health Worker Cooperatives. However, it will be used by all working in the Rwandan Health System. 

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