This paper discusses how data accessibility and verification improved governance accountability and transparency after the Ministry of Public Health and for the Fight against AIDS of Burundi adopted a Performance-Based Financing approach to address issues in the free package of health services scheme in 2010.

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This publication is the result of a capitalization process that took place in Burundi in 2014/2015. The aim of capitaliza-tion is to surface and generate lessons learned from implementing PBF that can be used by other to learn about new or promising practices or to influence policies on the basis of real-life experiences. The process was facilitated by Jurien Toonen and Christel Jansen from KIT Health

  • Burundi: Transparency and Accountability in the Management of Free Healthcare Using Performance-Based Financing
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Author/s: Josiane MANIRAMBONA, Léonard NTAKARUTIMANA, MUHORANE Carmen, FEDJO Galbert
Countries: Burundi
Date of Publication: October 2015

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