This report offers practical guidance on translating new financing modalities from proposal to practice.

Part I of the report offers a conceptual framework that explains why traditional grantmaking often gets the incentives wrong, why that matters, and how next generation financing models might offer a way for the Global Fund and other health funders to increase the value for money of their investments. 

Part II discusses contexts where a move to next generation grant models could drive faster impact or other benefits for the Global Fund and describes the technical elements and design choices required to bring them to life.

Part III provides four illustrative examples of how next generation grants could be designed and applied within the Global Fund’s grant portfolio. It provides and applies a multistage framework for their design and implementation.

Part IV concludes with seven recommendations for the way forward—that is, the operational and strategic steps that the Global Fund will need to take in order to realize these designs and maximize their potential benefits.

Resource Information

Author/s: Rachel Silverman, Mead Over, Sebastian Bauhoff
Countries: Global
Date of Publication: January 2016

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