This section features publications produced by the World Bank, which are related to results-based financing.

Evaluating the Impact of Results-Based Financing on Health Worker Performance

This paper discusses various approaches to evaluating the impact of RBF on health worker performance. The first part is a discussion of possible ways in which RBF may affect health worker behavior, based on economic theory and empirical evidence. The second part is a more practical discussion of how health worker performance and other relevant variables can be measured and how impacts can be estimated.

In order to advance our understanding of why Results Based Financing (RBF) works or not, it is crucial that evaluations not only measure the impact of such an arrangement on final outcomes (population health), but also assess the changes in variables in the causal chain between intervention and final outcomes. Health worker performance is a key variable in this chain; it is only by changing health workers’ behaviors—their performance—that RBF can influence health outcomes. Careful assessment of impacts on health worker performance is therefore a natural and important element of any RBF impact evaluations.