Progress Report

This section features progress reports that share the results, lessons and country experiences with designing, implementing and evaluating HRITF-funded RBF programs to increase the quantity and quality of maternal and child health services in developing countries


Achieving Results for Women’s and Children's Health: 2015 Progress report
The Health Results Innovation Trust Fund supports the design and implementation of Results-Based Financing approaches in the health sector to help accelerate progress towards the millenniumdevelopment goals for women’s and children’s health.

RBF is an umbrella term for financing mechanisms where a cash payment or nonmonetary transfer is made to a national or sub-national government, manager, provider, payer or consumer of health services after pre-agreed results are achieved and independently verified. The RBF approach shifts the focus of governments and health systems from inputs to results. It often also facilitates a level of community involvement, which acts as an accountability mechanism.

This report shares lessons and results from HRITF-funded RBF projects through five country perspectives; and provides an update on the trust fund’s activities over the past year.

Cover Photo: UN Photo/Martine Perret