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Towards Data-Driven Health Systems: Integrating DHIS2, RBF and Mobile Devices 




Building agile and data-driven health system is a fundamental component of the Universal Health Coverage agenda. Data-driven health systems will require that countries set up smart data systems coupled with dynamic and reactive health financing instruments.

A large number of the low-income countries enhance their strategic purchasing function with the introduction of Results-Based Financing (RBF) instruments. In this presentation, Nicolas de Borman will describe how the combination of DHIS2 platforms, RBF and mobile devices help build strategic purchasing function in health systems.

He will provide an overview of where countries are in terms of the integration of RBF and DHIS2 data platforms. He will then zoom on specific interesting examples of data system interoperability, quality of care measurement, social accountability, automated feedback loops and the link with supply chain.

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Akiko Maeda, Lead Health Specialist, Acting Practice Manager, Health, Nutrition & Population Global Practice, World Bank

Akiko Maeda is a Lead Health Specialist, with over 20 years of experience in international health and social development programs, throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Maeda leads the World Bank’s strategy on Human Resources for Health for Universal Health Coverage. She has a Ph.D. in Health Economics from Johns Hopkins.


Nicolas de Borman, Director of

Nicolas de Borman is the passionate director of, a startup specialized in health financing data systems. He is the founder of OpenRBF, a Results-Based Financing software used in 15 countries, and the co-founder of the RBF community of practice. Before founding BlueSquare, Nicolas worked ten years on health financing reform and RBF implementation in Africa and Asia.


Towards Data-Driven Health Systems: Integrating DHIS2, RBF and Mobile Devices