As part of our mandate to gather and disseminate evidence and knowledge from global RBF experiences, RBF Health regularly organizes events, including seminars and capacity building workshops.
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Third Annual Impact Evaluation Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand

Building Evidence on RBF for Health 

This workshop brought together World Bank Task Team Leaders (TTL), Principal Investigators (PI), other World Bank RBF IE team members, as well as government and local research counterparts to update and review the progress of this systematic and coordinated program of rigorous impact evaluations. Since the last workshop in October 2010, many of the RBF for health evaluations have made significant progress and are seeking additional support for various aspects of evaluation design and implementation. 


Building on the foundation developed in previous workshops held in South Africa (2009) and Tunisia (2010), the 2011 RBF for Health Impact Evaluation Workshop focused on how to build evidence on the impact and cost effectiveness of RBF interventions on health systems, health services delivery and health status.
Access the presentations and materials on the World Bank site.
This workshop was designed to build capacity for measuring results of RBF for health interventions. The World Bank is financing a large portfolio of impact evaluations (IE) to measure the effectiveness of supply and demand side RBF mechanisms to improve results in health services and outcomes. These impact evaluations will generate evidence on whether such mechanisms can be used to increase access to appropriate medical care, improve the quality of medical care, and encourage individuals to adopt health-improving behaviors. The impact evaluations will yield invaluable information not only on the individual program impacts, but also on the cost-effectiveness of each alternative, in order to inform decision making on program design and scale up.


Agenda - Third Annual Impact Evaluation Workshop - Bangkok, Thailand - EN
Agenda - Third Annual Impact Evaluation Workshop - Bangkok, Thailand - FR