As part of our mandate to gather and disseminate evidence and knowledge from global RBF experiences, RBF Health regularly organizes events, including seminars and capacity building workshops.
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Setting a Path for Improved Health Outcomes. Results-Based Financing: the Evidence Thus Far

Early Evidence from Operations and Impact Evaluations: The Case of Community RBF & the Case of the Quality of Care  

This half-day satellite session explores the global experience with RBF through the lens of HSR2016 sub-theme: Implementing improvement and innovation in health services and systems.

The Health Results Financing Trust Fund (HRITF) portfolio of RBF projects at the World Bank has committed $396 million for 36 RBF programs in 30 countries, linked to $2.2 billion in financing from IDA—the World Bank’s fund for the poorest—specifically to accelerate progress on MDGs 1c (nutrition), 4 (child mortality), and 5 (maternal health).

Learning is a critical part of the HRITF RBF portfolio, with all programs benefiting from an embedded impact evaluation and in some cases, complemented by qualitative research components such as process evaluation studies. The session will discuss the following topics:

1. Using RBF at the community-level to address demand side barriers
This session will elaborate on the early evidence and the rationale for using RBF at the community level. It will share lessons learned from the implementation of community RBF at country level.

2. Using RBF to Strengthen Quality of Care: Early Lessons
This session will discuss the broader policy implications of using RBF to strengthen the quality of care. It will explore how Measuring and Paying for the Quality of Care has been operationalized and will highlight the experience of Nigeria. Lastly, it will focus on measuring and Analyzing the Quality of Care from the Impact Evaluation perspective. 

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Dr. Mickey Chopra, Lead Health Specialist, World Bank Group

Prof. Bruno Meessen, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium


Ms. Laura Ferguson, Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine, University of Southern California

Dr. Nnenna N. Ihebuzor, Director, National Primary Health Care Development Agency

Mr. Dinesh Nair, Senior Health Specialist, World Bank Group

Mr. Paul Jake Robyn, Senior Health Specialist, World Bank Group

Ms. Petra Vergeer, Senior Health Specialist, World Bank Group

Mr. Damien de Walque, Senior Economist, World Bank Group


Setting a Path for Improved Health Outcomes RBF