As part of our mandate to gather and disseminate evidence and knowledge from global RBF experiences, RBF Health regularly organizes events, including seminars and capacity building workshops.
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Launch of the Performance-Based Financing Toolkit
Performance-based financing (PBF) is a comprehensive health systems approach, which is expanding in Africa, Central and South-East Asia, and in Latin America.
Currently there is a lack of knowledge among many health reformers of how to implement performance-based financing pilot projects, and scale them up intelligently.
This toolkit contains the experiential knowledge of PBF pioneers who have designed, implemented and evaluated this approach in several countries and contexts and answers the most pressing issues related to the supply-side results-based financing programs.
The launch will include a short demonstration on the main PBF tools and website.
Complimentary signed toolkit books will be available to the first 50 people who attend the InfoShop launch.


Monique Vledder, Program Manager, Health Results Innovation Trust Fund, The World Bank

Ms. Vledder is the program manager of the Health Results Innovation Trust Fund at the World Bank. Before assuming this position, she worked in the Africa region of the World Bank as Sector Leader for Human Development and team leader for the World Bank health portfolio in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Prior to joining the Bank, Ms. Vledder worked for the United Kingdom Department for International Development as health adviser in Brazil and as coordinator for STD/HIV and infectious disease control in the Public Health department in the South-Holland region in the Netherlands. She gained further international experience in Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, and Bolivia working on maternal and child health, health financing and health systems strengthening.


György Bèla Fritsche, Senior Health Specialist, The World Bank

Mr. Fritsche is a medical doctor specializing in tropical medicine. For the past twenty years he has been living and working as a practitioner, public health manager, and advisor in Zambia, Senegal, Afghanistan, Kenya, South Sudan, and Rwanda. For the past ten years he has been closely involved in designing, implementing, and scaling up performance-based financing (PBF) programs in Afghanistan, Rwanda, Burundi, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Djibouti, Lesotho, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Republic of Congo. Since 2009 Mr. Fritsche has worked for the World Bank as a senior health specialist. He advises colleagues and governments in appropriate design and implementation issues related to results-based financing programs.

Robert Soeters, Director, SINA Health

Mr. Soeters is an independent public health and health-financing specialist. He is also the director of SINA Health, a consultancy firm that organizes courses, conducts studies, and provides technical support mainly for performance based health financing programs. He conducted around 200 health-care related missions since the mid 1980s for such organizations as the World Bank, the Dutch-based international NGO Cordaid, the European Union, several bilateral organisations, local governments, and the World Health Organization. Mr. Soeters has worked in more than thirty countries, mostly in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.


Abdullahi Belel, Chairman, Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency

Mr. Belel is currently the Chairman of Adamawa State Primary Health Care Development Agency. He has worked as clinician at Federal then State level and later as a public health physician at the state level before joining the Netherlands Leprosy Relief supporting Leprosy, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS control in Nigeria and The Gambia. He also worked as an independent consultant in various capacities for both government and non-governmental organisations mainly in Nigeria.

Hadia Samaha, Senior Operations Officer, Africa Region, The World Bank

Ms. Samaha is Senior Operations Officer in the Africa Region and is the task team leader responsible for Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She also works in the Central Africa Region on knowledge management activities on RBF and Health Systems Strengthening. She has more than 20 years of experience working in the World Bank, initially in the World Bank Institute were she was responsible for the Design and Management of the Flagship Program on Health System Strengthening. Ms. Samaha has worked on building institutional capacity in MENA, Africa, East and South Asia and has supported projects in Lebanon, Tunisia, Iran, and Egypt.