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Innovations in Results-Based Financing in the Latin America and Caribbean Region

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region is one of the most innovative in Results-Based Financing (RBF) for health. In the LAC region, a broad range of RBF modalities have been in place for some time, sometimes but not always financed by IBRD funds. Probably the most famous of these is Plan Nacer in Argentina, which links RBF to the concept of insurance with capitation payments.

However, there are also several other capitation-based RBF schemes in the region similar to Plan Nacer, but with important and innovative differences. In addition, there are several different types of RBF schemes in LAC countries such as programs with Disbursement-Linked Indicators and Output-Based Disbursements, where the focus is on performance incentives for states and municipalities.

This seminar features a comparative review of different types of RBF schemes in the LAC region, as well as case studies from selected schemes


Andrew Sunil Rajkumar , Senior Health Economist, The World Bank

Andrew Sunil Rajkumar is a Senior Health Economist who has led a number of studies and projects including RBF projects in Argentina, Burundi and Haiti. He is now the World Bank Task Team Leader (TTL), with Vanina Camporeale, of the Plan Nacer/Plan Sumar project in Argentina, and also the TTL of a new RBF project in Haiti.

Christine Lao Peña , Senior Human Development Economist, The World Bank

Christine Lao Peña is a Senior Human Development Economist, who leads the Bank Health Team’s sector dialogue in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Her current work focuses mainly on health financing and sector governance, health service delivery, including results-based management mechanisms, and maternal and child health and nutrition. Prior to joining the LAC Region, Christine worked in the Africa Region on health and poverty related economic and sector work and led projects ranging from a Learning and Innovation Loan to rural women’s groups in Ethiopia to multi-sectoral ones such as ECD in Eritrea. She has a Ph. D. and M.A. in Economics.

Carmen Carpio, Senior Operations Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, The World Bank

Carmen Carpio is a Senior Operations Officer for LAC at the World Bank. She leads the Bank health team in the development and implementation of lending, analytical, and knowledge programs in the English-speaking Caribbean and Panama. Carmen holds a Certificate in Strengthening Human Resources for Health from Harvard’s School of Public Health, a Master’s in Public Health from George Washington University, and a Master’s from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Latin American Economic Studies.

Vanina Camporeale , Senior Operations Officer, Health, Nutrition & Population

Vanina Camporeale is a Senior Operations Officer working for the health sector, based in Buenos Aires. She supports the design and implementation of health projects in Argentina and Uruguay, with a focus on RBF mechanisms, using non –contributory insurance schemes. Vanina is co – TTL of Programa Sumar, one of the flagship programs using RBF for health in the region.

Daniela Pena de Lima, Senior Operations Officer, The World Bank

Daniela Pena de Lima is a Senior Operations Officer, currently based in Washington on a Developmental Assignment in the Health Sector Management Unit. She is also the TTL for the Brazil AIDS-SUS Project and is involved in projects with a wide range of operational activities that span project preparation, supervision and completion reporting.

Luis Orlando Perez , Senior Public Health Specialist, The World Bank

Luis Orlando Perez is a Senior Public Health Specialist, with expertise in areas including public health, hospital management, health policy design & management, m-health, and maternal and child health, NCD and HiAP. His country work experience includes Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, and Turkey. Luis has worked in over 50 investment and development policy project and non-lending and analytical activities, from design to implementation.

Joana Godinho, Health Sector Manager for the Latin America and Caribbean region, The World Bank

Joana Godinho is the Health Sector Manager for the Latin America and Caribbean region of the World Bank. She coordinates the knowledge, convening and financing services provided by Health, Nutrition and Population teams aiming at improving health outcomes, increasing financial protection and health system sustainability in over 20 countries in the region. Joana is a Medical Doctor; Public Health Specialist; Master of Arts in Communication, and Doctor in Social Sciences.


Innovations in Results-Based Financing in the Latin America and Caribbean Region