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Impact Evaluation of PBF in Haut-Katanga District, Democratic Republic of Congo
This RBF seminar shares lessons from the project implementers and evaluators of a PBF project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
An impact evaluation was conducted from 2009 to 2013 in the Haut-Katanga district to study the effect of different types of provider payment mechanisms, including a Performance-Based Financing (PBF) model. This PBF model provided financial incentives linked to delivery of services, such as the quantity and quality of services provided by contracted health facilities.
An overview of the main results of the pilot and its impact evaluation is given, followed by discussion of the design and implementation issues that emerged during the program. In particular, there is a summary of the methodology used for the impact evaluation, results from the impact analysis, operational lessons learned from the pilot experience, and design attributes recommended for improved results for PBF schemes in DRC and other similar contexts.
  1. Introduction Remarks, Tim Evans, Director of Health, Nutrition, Population, World Bank 
  2. Presentation on the results from the impact evaluation, Elise Huillery, J-PAL
  3. Presentation on the key lessons learned from the pilot and impact evaluation, Jake Robyn, World Bank
  4. Implications and next steps for RBF in DRC, Hadia Samaha, World Bank
  5. Questions and answers

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Elise Huillery, J-PAL

Jake Robyn, The World Bank


Tim Evans, Director of Health, Nutrition, Population, The World Bank

Hadia Samaha, The World Bank


Results from the impact evaluation
Key lessons learned from the pilot and impact evaluation