La couverture sanitaire universelle fait partie des objectifs de développement durable. Mais une couverture sans services de santé de qualité limite les avantages pour les populations. Les programmes de financement basés sur la performance (FBP) utilisent des achats stratégiques de services pour étendre la couverture et promouvoir la qualité en mesurant la qualité et en récompensant les bonnes performances.

This article describes four approaches that can help improve quality of health services at scale in PBF programs, looking at structural and process measures of quality as well as outcome measures like patient satisfaction and using three types of tools (i.e.

This paper summarizes an impact evaluation of results-based financing conducted in the Republic of the Congo. Overall, it shows that RBF had a favorable impact on most, but not all, targeted maternal and child health services. It also points to several aspects of program implementation that could be further strengthened to maximize RBF’s impact.

Authors: Jean-Benoit Falisse; Petra Vergeer; Joy Gebre Medhin; Maud Juquois; Alphonse Akpamoli; Jake Robyn; Walters Shu; Michel Zabiti; Rifat Hasan; Bakary Jallow; Musa Loum; Cedric Ndizeye; Michel Muvudi; Baudouin Booto; Jean Claude Taptue Fotso; Severin Sokegbe; Ibrahim Magazi; Gil Shapiro
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