This schematic illustrates Performance-Based Financing (PBF) done through a private purchaser in Burundi. The PBF approach through a private purchaser is based on the separation of three functions: service provision, health system regulation and purchasing (which includes verification).

This document describes the main features of the RBF program supported by the World Bank in Burundi.

A Community of Practice (CoP) for results-based financing (RBF) was launched in February 2010 during a weeklong workshop on RBF in the central African nation of Burundi, as part of the Health Systems for Outcomes (HSO) initiative of the World Bank. One of five virtual CoPs hosted on the HSO website, the RBF community of practice aims to:

To increase utilization of health services and improve maternal and child health outcomes, Burundi is in the process of rolling out a publicly funded supply-side pay-for-performance (P4P) program nationwide consisting of payments to health facilities. Interesting features of this program include use of monthly quantity-related incentive payments (based on service utilization) and quarterly quality-related payments (measured partially through patient and community satisfaction) and a degree of facility-level autonomy to determine what to invest in and how to share payments among staff.

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