Project Information

Financing: HRITF $11 million and IDA $32.8 million
Objective: The first project development objective is to increase the coverage of quality maternal, neonatal and child health care services in 8 health districts (roughly a quarter of the population). The second objective is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Health.
In order to strengthen the quality and utilization of healthcare services, health facilities receive quarterly payments based on achieved results, especially those regarding maternal and child health and malaria free health care.
All public and private not-for-profit health centers and hospitals in the 8 pilot health districts are contracted by the Ministry of Health since March 2012. As part of the pilot experience in 8 health districts, half of the facilities receive a fee-for-service, adjusted based on the quality of care, and the other half receive unconditional payments. Payments take place after the quality and quantity of care reported are verified both internally and externally. Half of the health facilities have autonomy to decide how to use the RBF payments.
An additional incentive to health providers for treating the poor is planned to be provided in the near future to enhance the utilization of these services by the poorest.
The program is now jointly financed by the Global Fund and GAVI, which are funding the extension of the national RBF approach to other health districts (and Belgium Cooperation is also funding a RBF approach in 5 districts): national RBF scale-up will be achieved in 2015. 


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