March 26, 2017

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November 1, 2016

With a major portfolio funded by a multi-donor trust fund initiated in 2005 and now fully committed with 35 country pilot programs...

October 12, 2016

In every Results-Based Financing (RBF) workshop, my role has always been behind the scenes and one of the highlights of every workshop is to experience the “frontline” and learn how RBF programs...

September 28, 2016
On September 18th- 23rd, the World Bank held its Results and Impact Evaluation workshop for Results-Based Financing in Harare, Zimbabwe. Ellen Van de Poel from the Institute of Health Policy and...
June 21, 2016

‘Don’t worry, you’re in Cameroon: you’re among friends’. This was our welcome to Cameroon, after losing our luggage between Bujumbura and Yaoundé airport, followed by a hunt for World Bank-worthy...