December 11, 2016

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March 23, 2016

Discussions on pay-for-performance programs (P4P) and results-based financing (RBF) are often linked to discussions on intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, job satisfaction, and a gap between...

November 11, 2015
Sierra Leone_mothers_PBF_ health_facility

Performance-Based-Financing was introduced more than four years ago in Sierra Leone to complement the Free Health Care Initiative...

November 2, 2015
Nigeria mom and baby

What were some of the key takeaways from your experience in the Performance-Based Financing (PBF) internship program for verifiers?

I went in keen to learn the fundamentals of PBF. I also...

September 16, 2015
Nigeria_Malaria medication_Arne_Hoel_World_Bank

The grand debate on the central medical store (CMS) role in developing country public health supply chains is still ongoing. There are generally two sides to this debate:

1. Pro-CMS Model...